Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Build a Movement.

I believe the time has come to correct some major deficiencies in our Constitution, to address the abuses heaped upon it by the Bush Administration.

The damage done by the Bush administration, accomplished through deceit, demagoguery, and shear incompetence, has me so angry that I'm ready to stand up and face the nation to call for a Constitutional Amendment. Of course, my voice alone will not move a nation. And I don't expect to alone impress anyone who could make this happen. But I suppose, I believe, that many people feel as I do - that the Imperial presidency has cost us and our nation too much in too many ways - and that many people will support a movement to bring new accountability to the Executive Branch of Government. So that's my plan: to build enthusiasm from us, the American populace, to make the ground swell, until it is seen that we the people are serious and numerous, and want an amendment. As of this moment, I'm working alone (with encouragement), but if the need for this is as deep as I believe it to be, once sparked, this vision will ignite and fuel itself, and a movement will be launched. If I have read our mood wrongly, or my solution seems wrong to others, the movement won't light, but here is my call - please check this out and send the link to this blog to other folks. My only goal for now is to find others who want to hold future administrations accountable for such high crimes as Bush-Cheney have committed, and for them to find others who want this also, and if this is the solution we select, to seek the critical mass of support for a Constitutional Amendment.

I have drafted a version of what might be Amendment 28 because I needed to articulate a vision, my vision, of how to address the Constitutional issues. So now that I have articulated my solutions, and I believe in them, I present this draft as a starting point, ground from which to push the conversation. Does this address the issues in the best possible way? I welcome the day it is out of my hands. For now we can talk about the best way to address the mind boggling arrogance of the Bush administration, and its many violations of the Constitution. And we can build support for some sort of change so that in the future, an Executive that is out-of-bounds can be checked.

If you think this idea has found its time, please tell others you think so, and tell them about this blog. If you want to do more, please organize a meeting to talk about building a movement. And write to me about your meeting. Put comments on the blog.

Thanks, Stephen Alrich Marshall

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