Thursday, October 24, 2013

To Me The Age

(I wish to not entangle the reader with details boring to any but those closest to me, but here is a product of my personal life I think will have broader appeal. Susan and I have been talking and I wrote this in reflection to her.)

I dreamed to change the world to fight the revolution that would move the Earth
to stop global warming save the ecosystems stop injustice
I dreamt from anger and fear, from futility and impotence,
I dreamt to reclaim power for the liverworts and the modest,
I dreamt of an artist's community with studios and shared meals,
I dreamt of a school where humanity could be taught.
And during the day between dreams I asked "Why?" and "How?"
Why and how don't I make a difference and what difference is in reach for me?
Thus I have searched and struggled.

I dream now of a porch with a few comfortable chairs, a table, a lamp, windows and a wood,
    through which to watch the Sun silhouette the lanky leafless forms of nature;
I dream now to consult my love about eggs and toast;
I dream now to look in her eyes with memories of the days we had energy to make love;
I dream now to see my book of poetry published,
    To see the novels I have started finished,
    To have written the essays that would guide future revolutionaries,
    To have thought the thoughts which, and taught the students who, would make the new world,
    To have my house built,
    To have a garden tilled, weeded and harvested.
With sadness I remember I lost my son and his children won't populate my home,
But perhaps, I dream, we can populate the house with the love of friends and their children and their children's children.

With nothing I am alone do I believe I will accomplish this dream.
At its center is love.
And the products of love are the bodies of other minds and hearts.
At its center is another.
Thus I dream of you.


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