Saturday, August 14, 2010

who's reading anyhow?

Haven't been to write, working and reading and applying to graduate school. Perhaps depressed, disconsolate, perhaps mending fences. Certainly the political campaign and subsequent legislative campaigns sucked up energy I didn't have replacements of. Wish I much that intelligence and compassion had swayed America, but not, and I was never part of the polylog, so why write and write and write?
Here today to contribute not argument or polemic, but only a simple rant, The Reason Why.

    Please, can you tell me the reason why I hear in this phrase "the reason why",
    two words redundantly duplicative?
    Oh, forgive, I should ask again:
    Please, can you tell me the reason, but now I know you might tell me why,
    these two words co-occur so fragrantly?
    When of such so many synonyms abound,
    Why not ask "For what purpose why?" or "What reason because?"?
    And more, I would ask, whenever is either of "reason" or "why",
    Not sufficient alone to state,
    "I have a reason” or perhaps, “Most certainly I do know why"?
    But profit not if I fail to proclaim,
    "I have a reason why", and most certainly "know the reason why"?
    This perhaps is a minor flaw in modern English, when if at all, but if “reason” and “why” each means something more than the other, what gleaning have we got, to know the reason why?
    What cause, what purpose, what benefit gleaned, when "reason" with "why" is multiplied?
    But let us not dwell too long or too hard on reasons why we multiply reason and why, when together they produce only just one idea, of which reason, why, because, cause, purpose, design, and intent all intend?
    So how, please humor me to tell, do they conflate and synergate, just to make them idiommates?

Stephen Marshall 2010

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