Monday, December 15, 2008

Since no one is reading I can write anything

On the 10th I got to the room for the organizing meeting thinking of all the details I had neglected to ensure any kind of turn out. The UU church in Burlington is a busy place and they have a "night watchman" to tend the doors and lights as people come and go and he wanted to attend the meeting after seeing its title. So I gladly let him guide the conversation and in the end he encouraged me to continue pushing for a discussion about executive-branch accountability. I guess I needed a break from the subject because I have barely thought about the meeting since then and only tonight have I found any interest in writing about it.

I have been discussing with myself and others what this experience means to me personally and how I might do things differently in the future.

As soon as I left the meeting I began to think about dodging the organizing part and just writing a book. This would be a more effective use of my time' since I would be using it to do research and documentation of the subject, and would as my first published work, if it were published, end my anonymity. I also started thinking about saturation bombing snippets of the article changes out to every body who might be interested. I might do this yet, but it's not easy to do and I am unsure that it would be worthwhile. It would be a success if anyone started to notice my work.

I want to be part of the conversations where the really bright people are, where the people who make decisions are. This desire is based entirely on a desire to make a difference in the world, to see changes made that would actually work. But something is missing between here and there, between imagination and realization. Considering how far I've come, I'm sure I will work this out, too.

This blog is organized in two ways: The default and imperative chronological form, by the date of the first time any title was used, and by topic. The topic organization fulfills my mission better.

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