Friday, January 10, 2014

Minimum Wage Alternative

What would happen if instead of setting a minimum wage, employers were
charged for the social services their employees need? They would be
motivated to provide closer to full time employment, and the benefit of
low wages would be eliminated. Might as well pay a living wage as pay
for the social services.

This plan would be fought tooth and nail, but it strikes at the essence
of the problem: employers like Walmart and McDonalds don't have a
motivation to voluntarily pay a living wage. Simply requiring it is a
blunt instrument, and dissociates the wage from the need. Making the
employers pay for the social services would link the wage to the cost of

Some politicians would prefer to lower the social services and thus let
the employers off the hook. But how many Americans already depend upon
social services, and are thus being supported by taxpayers? Shouldn't
their employers be expected to provide an adequate income? Let the
debate ensue!

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