Saturday, December 31, 2016

A sample of the Tao Te Ching, Ellen M. Chen, 1989

Oh the Tao, so deep.
I am reading the tao te ching, learning I have known these things,
astounded at the coherence and beauty of these things.

From knowing to not knowing,
This is superior.
From not knowing to knowing,
This is sickness.

One who is courageous out of daring is killed.
One who is courageous out of not daring lives.

the way of heaven:
Without contending, it is yet good at winning,
Without speaking, it is yet good in responding,
Without being beckoned, it yet comes of its own accord,
Unhurried, it is yet good at planning.
The net of heaven is vast,
Widely spaced, yet missing nothing.

Therefor the sage knows himself,
But does not see himself.
He loves himself,
But does not exalt himself.

The way of heaven ,
Is it not like stretching a bow?
What is high up is pressed down,
What is low down is lifted up;
What has surplus is reduced,
What is deficient is supplemented

The way of heaven, It reduces those who have surpluses,
To supplement those who are deficient.
The human way is just not so.
It reduces those who are deficient,
To offer [to] those who have surpluses.
Who can offer his surpluses to the world?
Only a person of Tao.

Therefor the sage works without holding on to,
Accomplishes without claiming credit.
Is it not because he does not want to show off his merits?

This is a sample. I hope you have enjoyed it.

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