Friday, September 11, 2015

Supporting Bernie Sanders

I am perhaps naive but I expect my cohorts to be realistic about
electing a president. I am not looking for a match with my values, I am
looking for the least loss to the right that is possible. Hence Obama
was disappointing because he didn't fight hard enough for his own
ideals, not because he matched mine. Sanders wants many things I want,
and that includes not wanting to destroy the entire edifice of democracy.

Let's be really clear. I don't believe there is any formula for the
operation of a state which can liberate everyone. So I do not seek
liberation and perfect justice. The highest and most necessary ideal is
the survival of the planet. after that, we need to militate against
exploitation of people and resources. The changes, if they are possible,
come in small increments and a revolution which overthrows the existing
legal framework is more likely to increase misery, injustice and waste
than to reduce them.

Whether Sanders can win or not and whether he could be effective as a
president given the sway of the radical right and the corporations he
demonizes, the campaign to elect him will raise fundamental questions
about our political system, and create a platform on which to build the
next wave of radical reform.

So we don't have to love him or embrace him as one of our own. In fact
his genius is in building constituencies which cross political
boundaries (think F-35) So of course we don't agree with him on
everything. But this dog is on our team on major issues and offers a
huge opportunity to explain the nature of the economy to Americans. Even
if we don't get out with signs declaring "We love Bernie" we can get out
and say "This is why he is right". He is a boon to us and his candidacy
would be the greatest boon.