Thursday, October 29, 2015

Curiosity about the History of Refugees

In the beginning, people migrated every day, and the difference between
a refugee and a migrant might be difficult to discern. As human
populations settled and accumulated food, theft and raiding became
larger and more common. When people feel threatened they may fight or
they may run. When a people runs from their home in fear for their
lives, they have become refugees. In the ten millennia since the first
food crops induced people to settle, the reasons to flee, and the
dynamics of that flight, have varied from simple persecution by hostile
neighbors through captive refugees put on long marches to marginal
lands, to the complex of genocides of Syria today.

My question to you is whether you know of academics, perhaps
anthropologists, who have studied refugee movements in the deep history
of humanity. I am especially interested in a synthetic summary work.


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