Monday, November 4, 2013

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Diane, I loved your essay. Thank you for voicing so much that is so
important to Occupiers.


Cultural Value 5: Greed is bad. At the heart of Occupy culture is a
rejection of the worship of wealth. When Occupy talks about CEOs making
billions of dollars, they aren't talking about the need for a new law
that takes away rich people's money and gives it to poor people as some
sort of convenient way to move money around and solve the problem of
poverty. They are talking about morality, that people who make that much
money should be ashamed, that this is a kind of pathological hoarding
behavior and that people who have this problem don't need a new law,
they need an intervention. Real humans care about other humans, feel
empathy and realize we are all in this together.

[Occupiers] are team players. Occupy groups, though they themselves have
little resources, are involved in a lot of activities at the community
level that involve giving things away---free food, free stuff, free
services. This isn't because they think that people shouldn't have to
work for things, it's an educational and spiritual exercise in letting
go of materialism and valuing people over profit. Occupy groups are
working hard to educate people that life is just not all about money.

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