Saturday, November 2, 2013

I'm In Love With You

suppose for a moment there are no words
and we listen with our eyes
suppose for a moment our speech is made of motion
and being is in our skin
would truth be easier to know or more intractable yet?

Did I listen well enough when you leaned into me,
touched my hand and entwined your fingers in mine?
Echoing throughout that touch "I'm in love with you."

Oh Yes
Oh yes.

To what shall I aim,
Of what shall I seek,
to whom shall I devote,
The energy of life,
The gift of my time?

There is fruit grown in richly humused soil,
and fruit grown with chemicals in dirt, not soil not fertile;
There is fruit yielding flavor and nourishing,
and fruit making us poorer by the eating;
which is I to you what we feel?

Come and sleep with me,
secure our bond,
love me in waking,
give to me yourself,
in the morning the giving,
before claims else take you away,
come sleep with me,
give me your love,
make me one with you,
and you with me.

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