Saturday, November 2, 2013

What She Read In The Personals

Remember this? Today It is removed from the internet.
4/4/2013 7:36 pm

Sun and Rain

So what is life about? Smelling of smoke from a woodfire, shoveling
snow, laughing with friends, washing dishes, seeing the milky way and
chasing yellow jackets. At 57 I'm not looking to have a family (with
children), so I can afford to just live. Well, I can afford the time. So
yea, I have a busy life and I am not unhappy. I like my life.

Some people describe me as intense, but actually I love to laugh. I like
to play, have intense intellectual conversation, go out once in a while,
share books, movies, other interests. I tend to be very in-the-moment,
yet ground myself in shared humanity, which means I value eye-level
sharing. I am a good friend (my friends tell me so). I occasionally
write poetry, like to make things work, have research and writing
interests. I divide humanity into those who care about others and want
the world to be safe for everyone, and those who think someone has got
to be top dog. Sorry, I have an issue with selfishness. Not that I never
am. A taste of my work! Shall I go on? Let me know....

I believe that serendipity is the blood of life, and I will enjoy
talking to and getting to know everyone I meet, I will accept you for
who you are. So relax… No Stress. Have fun. Be yourself.

I am for real. I want new friends who bring humor and gentleness to
their relationships, who bring empathy with strength, have found the
light in the darkness that comes with the hurts in life. If your
aspirations comport with these, please introduce yourself!

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